The wheel begins with Plutchik's eight primary emotions, and shows the combinations of every pair.

The wheel offers six variations for each priamry emotion, synthesised and streamlined from over 30 sources.

Coomonly recoginsed opposing pairs are disgust/trust, sadness/joy, surprise/anticipation, fear/anger.

What you'll receive...

This is a printable pdf download of the emotion wheel. You can download this for your personal use, please get in touch for commerical licensing. The file will remain on this site, so you can return and download if you lose your copy. 

Sara Priestley

Hi, I'm Sara. My job is to empower you. To celebrate where you are at. And to hold space for your own insight and realisation as you explore, establish and embrace all of what it is to be YOU.

It's free, it's simple, it works!

This emotion wheel has been carefully designed and refined to offer the cleanest and most straightforward emotion wheel - whilst still providing lots of detail.

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