I love exploring with people who are on the awakening and enlightenment journey. They’ve already seen a lot and they now want to either awaken more deeply - shifting from conceptual ideas to a deep knowing – or they want to enlighten the deeper layers of conditioning. They can feel that there is more to be seen and understood and yet they also don’t know how to ‘get at’ that. I provide the maps and guidance for these shifts into the deeper, felt and lived understanding.


Together, we create a space where you get to know yourself – beyond all ideas of who you ‘should’ be. I hold that space without judgment as you move through the process of unravelling your unspoken wounds and embracing your true essence. It’s a privilege to empower my clients to set boundaries, operate with integrity, and reclaim their own power. One says, “She is direct, honest and has the most profound love which has moved me to tears at times, especially when loving me was painful.”