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“I just loved the warm, loving space created by Helen and Sara, and their gentle guidance and support. It makes all the difference when exploring something like this that can often bring up vulnerabilities and confusion.”


“The quality of the written work in the book and online is quite incredible. Breathtaking when I compare it to other courses I’ve been on (including my own programme). Especially when you consider the price of the course.”


“The manner in which Sara and Helen conducted the group was great. It was warm, inclusive and their knowledge, insights and ability to share these was excellent. This was a fabulous accompaniment to the book itself.”


“It's friendly and supportive. The group members are all welcoming and you can learn a lot just be listening to others. It's tailored to where each person is at that moment. The reward of giving it a go is the real possibility of discovering that the joy and peace we are all looking for has always been within us.”


“I loved the sessions with both of you, Helen and Sara in the room teaching, sharing and responding to what the group brought to each session.”


“It felt as if both Sara and Helen were able to get to the heart of what I was struggling with at any given time, and include useful learning and pointers to help me with my explorations. ”


“I would absolutely recommend this course. Helen’s and Sara’s openness and appreciation of/to any question. Everyone was valued and seen. That created a safe space for sharing. A lot of the things I learned were landing in the weeks after hearing them in a call. The clear use of terms is so valuable! I hadn’t noticed before, how often I was assuming instead of really knowing what teachers meant by X or Z.”


“Completing this course has enabled me to deepen my non-dual understanding and bring that into my day to day lived experience. Reading the book alone would not have brought me so far. The calls gave the opportunity to expand and discuss with others the topic for each week. Both Helen and Sara are incredibly supportive and able to speak to each group member from where they are at the time. They seem to know what it is I am trying to express, even though I didn’t really know myself! ”


What's included?

The course curriculum isn't going to tell you much, because this is a live course. We'll be building our library as we go.

  • FREE access to the self-study online course, which includes loads of extra resources to support you, week-by-week.

  • Helen & Sara available to answer questions, share what sits behind the book, and more.

  • 12 live calls, all recorded and stored in a library that's just for you.

  • Our encouragement to guide you through the book in 12 easy steps, so that you get the most out of it.

  • A group of fellow explorers for mutual support and new perspectives.

  • A private discussion space to share insights, ask questions, see answers and chat to your group between calls.


  • When does it start?

    We kick off with our first live call on Wednesday September 4th at 7pm UK time, for 90 minutes. And you'll get your bonus access to the Self Study course two weeks beforehand, so you're all ready for call #1.

  • How many calls are there?

    There will be a total of 12 calls, starting 4th September.

  • How many people will be in the group?

    We're planning to close the doors when we get to 20 people. We know not everyone can make every live call, and this number keeps those calls interactive.

  • Where will the calls be?

    We're hosting the calls on Zoom, and everything else will be in the course room here on Thinkific.

  • How long do I keep access?

    For as long as the Thoughtful Raven platform is active. If for any reason we need to move things, we'll do our best to give you plenty of notice.